Free Traffic To Your Website Or Blog


1) What are coins ?
Coins are a virtual currency used to get traffic for your website.
2) What is CPC?
CPC is the amount of coins paid for every unique visitors send by us to your website. The higher CPC is, the faster you receive visitors. Besides that, time spent by visitor on your website is based on CPC, so if you set a higher CPC, you get a longer visit.
3) How can I get coins?
You can get free coins by visiting other people websites. Also you can buy them or receive them as daily bonus, from coupon codes, etc.
4) What is VIP Membership?
VIP Membership is an account upgrade which gives you various extra features on Trafficonic i.e Auto Surf, Free coins, Geo targeting of your websites and much more.
5) Why I didn't received free coins if I have VIP Membership?
Monthly coins are provided if you bought VIP Membership by PayPal subscription. If you receive VIP Membership as a bonus, you won't receive any free coins, those coins are for monthly subscription only.
6) How many accounts can I make?
You are allowed to use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will ban all your accounts!
7) A user registered on with my affiliate URL but I have not received my commission!
When User created an account, confirm his email and complete atleast 25 exchanges, You will automatically receive 2500 coins & $0.01 in your account.
If you have not received the coins and money, Please contact us.
8) I have just created an account but did not receive the activation link in my email.
You can request an activation link again on the Registration page.If you did not receive your activation link, Please check the spam folder of your email.
If the activation link is not in your spam folder, please contact us by clicking the contact us button below.
9) What is the maximum duration of my website promotion ?
All Free and VIP Members can promote their websites upto 20 seconds, depending on the CPC assigned to your websites.
10) Why my websites are not shown in websites surfing list ?
You can not surf your own websites. Your website is only available to surf for other members.
11) How I can track my website promotion results ?
You can track your website promotion result by clicking on "My Websites"
You can edit your websites and track their number of Visits Total / Today in "My Websites ".
12) My earnings reached to $10, How I can withdraw my money ?
All payments will be paid through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal. We will still manage to pay you by any means. Please Contact us by clicking "Contact Us" button to get your money.
13) I have added a banner Ad but I can not see it ?
Banner Ads are hidden for VIP Members. All Basic members can view your banners ads. If you are not a VIP Member then disable any Ad Blocker you are using. If you still cannot see your ad, Please contact us.
14) Why does the system redirects me back to the login page every time I try to login?
It is because cookies are disabled in your web browser. You will need to enable cookies in your web browser to access your account on Trafficonic.
15) What does the service cost me? Is Trafficonic free to use?
Trafficonic is absolutely free to use. You will need to have coins in your account to enable you to promote your websites. To earn free coins, you can visit other's people website or promote Trafficonic using your affiliate link. You also have the option to purchase coins if you want to, but everything is essentially free.
16) I made a payment using eCheque but why has the points not assigned to my account?
In case you've made an eCheque payment using PayPal, points will be assigned to your account once the payment is cleared. It usually takes about 4-5 days for an eCheque payment to get cleared.
17) Can I purchase coins without a PayPal account?
Yes. Though payments are processed by PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to make the payment. You can use your credit card on PayPal website to make the payment.

18) Why my website shows a blank (white) screen when it is viewed on Trafficonic?
It appears your website is not compatible with iFrames as your web developer has implemented a setting (header or code) which hides the website content when it is being viewed inside an iFrame. Please check your website code or contact your developer team to enable them to resolve this issue.

More information about X-Frame-Options can be found on MDN web docs.
19) Would using Trafficonic be against Google AdSense policy?
Yes. You may lose you Google Adsense account if you use any traffic exchange website, however you can get traffic on those specific pages of your website which are not showing google ads.
20) Do you allow adult or pornographic websites?
No, we do not allow adult or pornographic websites in our directory. Please refer to our terms of service for more information.
21) What is Trafficonic?
Trafficonic is the No. 1 tool for generating more traffic on your website from all around the world. Your website is visible as long as you've coins in your account. Earn free coins by visiting other website or referring your friends to Trafficonic.
22) How do I report a listing Website?
Please use the reporting tool next to every listing to report an inappropriate records/listings.
23) Why my website is not visible in websites surfing list?
Your own website is only visible to other members for surfing. As you can see their website for surfing.
24) How to cancel VIP Membership monthly subscription ?
Here's how to cancel your VIP Membership:

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Settings near the top of the page.
Click Payments.
Click Manage pre-approved payments.
Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should contact the merchant directly to cancel the agreement.

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