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Dear Website Owners !
Having a good website is just like having an employee who is working for you and your company 24 / 7. If the employee is happy with the job, he will surely do his work more enthusiastically and will increase sales by driving business to the company.
In this article I tell you the tips to increase the number of visitors to your website.
First of all you should be aware that why website traffic is so much important.
Reasons are as follows :

Traffic to your website will increase your sales.
Traffic is also important to increase your website ranking and SEO.
You can gather your audience insights which will help you in making business decisions.
Traffic to your website will generate more leads which leads to more customers.

How to Get More Website Visitors

1. Perform On-Page SEO
Use proper title, relevant keywords and relevant site description for your website to perform on Page SEO.

2. Get Listed
Submit your website to different search engines, i.e, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Post to Social Media with Hashtags
Post your website links on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus with hashtag.
HashTag example: #Trafficonic

4. Use Landing Pages
Mak sure that the landing page you are using for your website should be attractive and eye catching. Your visitor will stay longer on your website and may generate a sale. This will also lower the bounce rate of your website which is very important for SEO of your webpage.

5. Target Long-Tail Keywords
Long-Tail Keywords are also the key factor for better SEO of your website. Proper professional wording can change the visitor dynamics on your website and the visitor will stay longer than usual on your website.

6. Start Email Marketing
Email marketing can help you a lot in promotion of your website. Setup email sender program in your computer , gather email addresses from different sources, and send an email to the receptionts with your website URL and product listing page.

7. Advertise Online
Advertise you website as much as possible, Advertise your website on social media and traffic exchange programs like Trafficonic. It will surely increase visitors on your website.

8. Guest Blog
Enable guest blogging on your website so your visitors can get social with each other. Blog on your website will generate links to its pages when user or admin makes a new post or reply an existing one.
This will also helps in getting visitors from the search engine and hence will increase the site visit rate.

9. Engage Online
Keep your visitors engaged online by providing the a chat-room or installing useful widgets. This will lower the bounce rate and your visitor will return on your website everyday if he founds your website interesting.

10. Learn from Your Analytics
Add Google Analytics Code in your website so you should be aware about the progress of your website and can manage the needs of your visitors.

If you like the article or would like to give more suggestions to the website owners, please comments below:

Thank you.

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